Celebrating Local Food
in Local Communities

We are a greater Hudson Valley educational not for profit organization
dedicated to sharing the joys of local foods.

Kids Playing Chef Photo Credit Jane Feldman

Educational programming

We share our passion for local food with members of communities from New York City to Albany with exciting cooking demos in school gardens and farmers markets, and healthy cooking…. Read More

Chefs Consortium

Member of the month

Our members are cooking up some amazing accomplishments. Read about our featured member of the month.. Read More


Our events

Chefs Consortium partners with other nonprofits to bring awareness of food justice and access to local food to New York communities.... Read More

Latest from the blog

Hudson Valley Local Foods

grain salad pic

Whole grain salad with root vegetables

Grains and roots Whole grain salad with root vegetables If you love local greens but don’t like the inflated price tag that comes with them in the winter months, try…. Read More


Hudson Valley lactic acid fermentation

Hudson Valley lactic acid fermentation Lacto-fermentation is a centuries old method for preserving excess vegetable yields at the end of the growing season. While lacto-fermented foods like sauerkraut and European…. Read More


Tips for cooking with winter squash

Tips for cooking with winter squash Spaghetti, Butternut, Ambercup, and Hubbard squashes are available from the Honest Weight Food Co-op, Black Horse Farms at Hudson Valley Hannaford locations, and the Chatham…. Read More

Green Peas TV

Brazilian Raw Food Demo and Denison Farm Tour

Cook the Box

City Farmers

Winter Tasting at Honest Weight Coop