June 13, 2018

Whole grain salad with root vegetables

Grains and roots Whole grain salad with root vegetables If you love local greens but don’t like the inflated price tag that comes with them in […]
December 5, 2014

Black bean chocolate soup

Black bean chocolate soup On Wednesday November 3, 2014, Capital Roots (formerly Capital District Community Gardens) celebrated the Grand Opening of their new multi-million dollar Urban Grow Center, […]
November 12, 2014

Kale fried rice recipe and kale 101

Overwintered Kale is sweet and tasty. Farms that grow Kale and recipes.
October 16, 2014

Chef Ric Orlando on pumpkin

A Peruvian inspired pumpkin recipe from chef Ric As for pumpkins, all of the pumpkin “guts” should get made into stock and roasted pumkpin seeds.  The eyes, noses, […]
July 30, 2014

Calabacitas Recipe

Calabacitas, a Mexican squash and corn dish There are hundreds of recipes for this dish but you can be assured that corn and squash will be […]