Educating Communities
about Local Food

We are a greater Hudson Valley educational non-profit
dedicated to sharing the joys of local foods.

Kids Playing Chef Photo Credit Jane Feldman

Educational programming

We share our passion for local food with members of communities from New York City to Albany with exciting cooking demos in school gardens and farmers markets, and healthy cooking…. Read More

Local New York Marmers Market

Ending food deserts

Through our involvement with farmers market demos we have helped communities where once there were food deserts by providing education about fresh produce and healthy food staples.... Read More


Our events

Chefs Consortium partners with other nonprofits to bring awareness of food justice and access to local food to New York communities.... Read More

Latest from the blog

Hudson Valley Local Foods


Beets, new and old school

Beets, new and old school Sexy and here to stay... Beets, historically an old school winter storage vegetable, are more popular than ever. Today farmers are selling dozens of varieties…. Read More


Calabacitas Recipe

Calabacitas, a Mexican squash and corn dish There are hundreds of recipes for this dish but you can be assured that corn and squash will be present in just about…. Read More

Chefs Consortium

Arbor Hill Three Oak Balsamic Vinegar

Arbor Hill Three Oak Balsamic Vinegar A food review by Daniel B. Maybe Arbor Hill’s Three Oak Balsamic Vinegar is not actually balsamic, and that’s okay. They aren’t the first…. Read More

Green Peas TV

Brazilian Raw Food Demo and Denison Farm Tour

Cook the Box

City Farmers

Winter Tasting at Honest Weight Coop